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  Myths Facts
  “I will feel drained and tired after donating”. You will not feel drained or tired if you continue to drink fluids and have a good meal.
  “I cannot resume normal activities”. You can resume all your normal activities, though you’re asked to refrain.
  “I will have less blood in my body”. If you are okayed to donate by the doctor you will still have surplus blood after the donation.
  “It will be painful while donating”. No, you will not feel any pain.
  “I will feel dizzy and faint”. You will not faint or feel uncomfortable after donating blood. But to take care, we will ensure you have some fluids and rest a bit after the donation. In half an hour, you’ll be fit and fine to attend to regular work!
  “I may get AIDS!”.

No! The blood bank maintains the highest level of hygiene and safety. It make sure that all concerned persons use sterile gloves, disposable needles, new bags, etc. The surroundings are kept clean and aseptic, during the camps as well.

We ensure that the donors come to us brimming with confidence and leave happy and satisfied!

  “My blood is common. I don’t think there will be demand for it”. This means that your blood group is B Positive, which is in greater demand than other rare blood group types.
  “I can take alcohol that day”. You can on the next day.